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2022 Celebrity Deaths......So Far

 Aaron Carter's death comes at that time when we start looking back at the year that was. And so, whether it's morbid or just convenient, the first of those retrospectives is a look back at those we've lost. Here's a Sample:

January 6th:  Sidney Poitier

January 9th:  Bob Saget

January 20th:  Meat Loaf

January 21:  Louie Anderson

February 24th:  Sally Kellerman

March 13th:  William Hurt

March 25th:  Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins

April 2nd:  "Seinfeld" and "Toy Story" star Estelle Harris

April 12th:  Gilbert Gottfried

April 15th: Another "Seinfeld" star, Liz Sheridan. She played Jerry's mom, while Estelle played George's.

April 30th:  Naomi Judd

May 26th:  Ray Liotta

July 6th:  James Caan

July 25th:  Paul Sorvino

July 31:  "Star Trek" star Nichelle Nichols

August 8th:  Olivia Newton-John

August 12th:  Anne Heche

September 28th:  Coolio

October 4th:  Loretta Lynn

October 11th:  Angela Lansbury

October 24th:  Leslie Jordan


Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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