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Subway Is Giving Away Free Subs If You're Willing to sit in the Middle Seat

Thursday is National Sandwich Day, and Subway has come up with a strangely-specific way to celebrate.

They're giving away 10,000 foot-long subs to people who are flying later this week, and are stuck sitting in the MIDDLE SEAT.  (???) The idea is that you are "sandwiched" between two other people.

To take advantage of the offer: Just take a photo of yourself sitting in the middle seat on Thursday, and upload it at SubwaySandwichSeat.com. They're accepting entries on both Thursday and Friday, and will randomly choose 10,000 winners.

You won't get a sandwich brought to you on the plane . . . obviously . . . instead, you'll get an email within three days, with a digital Subway gift card worth $12.

If you're not traveling this week, Subway has another offer for you: Starting TODAY, there's a buy-one-get-one free deal on footlongs. To get it, you need to use the promo code "FLBOGO" on Subway.com or the Subway app. The code is active today through Thursday.

Subway restaurant. Subway is the largest single brand restaurant chain in the world.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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