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And......Now There's Going To Be A Thanksgiving Turkey Shortage

You might need to emotionally prepare yourself for a Thanksgiving CHICKEN this year, or maybe a nice vegetarian nut loaf instead.

There's a big Thanksgiving turkey shortage, and they could cost twice as much as last year. Here are the main reasons it's happening . . .

1. Turkey prices crashed in 2019, and a lot of farmers stopped raising so many. Then the pandemic piled onto that, so it's still causing a shortage.

2. Inflation is making turkeys more expensive. Feed, fuel, and labor all cost more than they did a year ago. Workers are also hard to come by. And droughts across the U.S. aren't helping either.

3. The avian flu is worse than usual. Around 3.6% of America's turkeys have died of it this year. That might not sound high, but it's over seven million birds.

Experts think most people who want a turkey should still be able to get them. But you might have to settle for one that's bigger or smaller than your ideal size.

So it might be a good idea to buy your turkey early, and make room in your freezer to store it for a few weeks. 

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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