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You'll Take Over 400 Photos of THIS......The Rest of The Year ( 2022 )

Here's how obsessed we are with our pets: We now average more than one photo of them a day. A poll found we'll take just over 400 pictures of our pets this year.

35% said they have more pictures of their pets on their phone than anyone else. Our KIDS are second with 27%, and 16% said their significant other.

Here are a few more quick stats on our collective pet obsession . . .

1. One in four people let their dog or cat kiss them on the mouth.

2. A third of us agree with the statement, "I treat my pet like royalty."

3. 79% have taken a pet on vacation with them before.

4. Our pets are also pretty obsessed with US. 37% said their pets watch them while they get ready for bed, and 45% said their pet sleeps with them. 38% also said their pet likes to watch them cook.  (That might have more to do with their FOOD obsession though.)

Asian woman and cute dog having fun together at home

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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