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A former West Bend Strip Club....is now a Christian School!

 A former West Bend strip club is getting new life as Ozaukee Christian School.

Kris Austin, the head of Ozaukee Christian School, said this is 32 years in the making.

Our media partners Fox6 in Milwaukee say that after leasing in various churches since starting in 1990, the school's first permanent location is the building that housed the former strip club. The school purchased the old Spearmint Rhino strip club in 2019 and has spent about three years renovating it.

At a ribbon-cutting open house Thursday, Aug. 25, Austin said they’re exactly where they’re meant to be.

"It’s a huge transformation," said Dave Swartz, parent and school board member. "God works in crazy, mysterious ways."

"It is a crazy transformation," said Austin. "The part of the building directly behind me was a strip club."

The former West Bend Spearmint Rhino strip club on Highway 33 is now ready to welcome a very different clientele.

"That was the final piece," Austin said. "We kind of think people are curious about what the building looks like."

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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