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If you went to the Wisconsin State Fair, you may have noticed higher prices

This year, Wisconsin State Fair patrons are shelling out more cash.

People who have kids may be spending a lot of time in Spin City, where $40 gets you a wristband for unlimited rides during the day, but all that riding makes people hungry, and the State Fair bill keeps going up.

"You know you're gonna spend some money, but this year's a little up there, but we love the fair so much we'll do it every time," Nick Dashner said.

Also up this year is the price of milk at the Milk House. It's $1 a cup. It used to be just 25 cents.

"It used to be 25 cents. A dollar. it's still cheap in comparison to everything else, but it's more. Just food in general, like a sandwich was 15 bucks, drinks are like 10 bucks," said Sara Vilario.

Families say that seems to be the theme this year with prices up everywhere.

"It's up a little bit, but we plan we don't take any family vacation so this is our vacation, so we come here and we plan for it and it's good," said Mamadee Konneh.

If you're looking to try a lot of the fun foods but not break the bank, Tuesday is Crazy Grazin' Day. People can sample foods for a fraction of the price.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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