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A MAJOR freeway in our area will be closed ALL weekend starting tonight!

The Interstate 41/U.S. 45 weekend closure for construction was postponed last weekend but is now scheduled to start Friday.

The construction will take 54 hours and will happen between Watertown Plank Road and Burleigh Street.

The plan is to place new beams for the Union Pacific Railroad Bridge. Additional work will also be completed during the closure.

"This is sort of the pinch point of the entire project. These beams are absolutely huge; two of them are 115 feet long, 12 feet high, 30 feet across and weigh 190,000 pounds each," Wisconsin Department of Transportation spokesman Mike Pyritz said.

Traffic will be diverted off the freeway at Watertown Plank Road and Burleigh Street.

Highway 100 is the primary detour route for motorists to use during the closure.

The closure will run until 5 a.m. Monday.

Photo: Getty Image

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