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Someone's Little Kid Actually Pooped in a Hardware Store's Display Toilet

Here's reason number 10,006 why life is harder when you have kids . . .

A couple in the U.K. took their two young children to a hardware store the other day. It was basically the U.K. version of Home Depot.

And when they turned their backs for a second, one of the kids decided to go NUMBER TWO in one of the store's DISPLAY TOILETS.

We don't know his age, but he's wearing "Paw Patrol" shorts and looks barely old enough to be potty trained.

The mom says she tried to stop him, but it was too late. So she went to grab wet wipes, and he was still on the toilet when she got back. He told her he still "needed to finish."

She posted photos of it, including a shot of her husband trying not to GAG while he fished it out.

She says an employee who was there wasn't too helpful, partly because they couldn't stop laughing. 

Photo: Cazzy Wazzy Facebook Page

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