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In case you missed the "Field of Flags" at Veterans Park on the Lakefront

I took my kids yesterday ( Memorial Day ) to Milwaukee's Lakefront after volunteers showed up last week to stick 12,301 flags in the ground. Each one represents a military person who died a hero, serving in the military. 

"I've lost a few service member partners. That brings tears to my eyes when I think of each flag representing one of them," said Howard Hadley. 

The Field of Flags displays nearly twice as many flags as it did in 2021. This year, each flag represents the men and women of Wisconsin who died in the Civil War. 

A ceremony is being held Saturday, May 28 to recognize the heroes and their families. 

The War Memorial Center is responsible for the tribute. Many of the volunteers are also veterans. 

"If you want to better understand some of the thinking of a veteran and how we heal going forward, here's a great example of us just coming together and just reflecting," said Dan Buttery, the president of the War Memorial Center. "It's okay to mourn, its okay to grieve and do it in a positive way. And this is a really positive way for us to reflect and think of our lost brothers and sisters and continue on." 

People are encouraged to come by until Tuesday, May 31 to honor the fallen heroes. 

Photo: Dave Michaels

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