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Snorkler found a Wisconsin man's $2,000 dentures DAY'S after he lost them.

A Wisconsin man who lost his dentures in the Gulf of Mexico last Monday got them back thanks to a bizarre stroke of luck. A Mississippi man, vacationing in Gulf Shores the same week just happened to find them while snorkeling near the shore.

The odds against finding the false teeth were tremendous, especially once you factor in the teeth were lost on a Monday. They weren’t found until that Friday and had moved more than two miles to the west.

“They actually scared me,” Aaron Welborn said. “I was like, where’s the rest of this guy’s teeth?”

For Welborn and his wife, Blaire, this year’s annual Gulf Shores vacation will assuredly rank as the most memorable. It will forever be entwined with that of another family’s, who they’ve never met.

Randy Williams of Wisconsin was in the water four days before when the wind blew off his hat.

“And I went to grab my hat and I was sideways, and a wave just came in and hit me alongside the head and I felt them,” Williams told WALA. “I felt them when I went in the water and I had them in my hand for a second in the ocean and away they went.”

Williams lost hope but made the most of his vacation and returned home Friday, May 13, 2022. About the same time, Aaron Welborn was wrapping up a snorkeling adventure just off the shoreline from his beach rental. He’d taken off his fins and snorkel and was headed to shore.

“I’m just like well, I’m going to put my goggles on and look down in the water as I walk up and maybe, just by chance, I’ll find something,” Aaron Welborn said. “I stuck my head in the water and as soon as I stuck my head in the water, they were literally sitting there on the bottom, just smiling at me.”

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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