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How Far Away Do You Live from Where You Grew Up?

How far away do you currently live from the home you grew up in? If you moved around as a kid, pick the place you lived longest.

Someone asked over 10,000 Americans, and 57% of us still live in our home state. That includes 33% who still live in their hometown.

Some of those same people have stayed VERY close to home: 4% overall said they live in the same neighborhood they grew up in . . . another 3% live on the same street . . . and 10% of Americans live in the same HOME they were raised in.

Most of the people in that last group are still fairly young . . . 16% of adults under 30 are still living at home.

But 3% of SENIORS said the same. They're currently living in their childhood home.  (So maybe they inherited it . . . moved back to help take care of their parents . . . or just never left.)

On the other side of things, 4% of people said they're "in a different country" than their childhood home. So that's people who were born elsewhere, or Americans who are now living abroad. 


Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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