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The MKE Airport Teddy bear has been reunited with its 5-year-old owner!

A happy ending in Milwaukee! A teddy bear found at Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport was reunited with its 5-year-old owner, Ezekiel Burnett, this morning ( February 15th )!

Ezekiel and his parents, who are from Dallas, Texas, had been visiting relatives in Oconomowoc for the Thanksgiving holiday last year. When they were at the airport to return home, that is when Teddy became "lost."

"He was tossing it up in the air, you know -- kids. And he tossed it a little bit too high, and it got stuck up in the rafters," said David Burnett, Ezekiel's dad. "And I looked at it and said, 'Nope, that's there. It's not coming back down.' And from there, giant tears came down."

The family returned to Texas without the bear. 

In January, the Burnett family was at home watching TV when a friend happened to share a social post by Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport – seeking the owners of the bear. Ezekiel's mom and dad knew it…

"I looked at it and said, 'That's his bear,'" Burnett said.

After reaching out to MKE, Southwest Airlines flew the Burnett family back to Wisconsin on Tuesday – just to be reunited with Teddy.

"The staff at MKE airport and Southwest Airlines has been amazing through this entire experience'," Burnett said.

Photo: Used with permission from Milwaukee's Mitchell International Airport

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