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Tom Brady is an IDIOT if he retires...right NOW! Here's why....

 Let's get this straight right from the jump:  TOM BRADY has NOT retired. Yet.


ESPN reported over the weekend that he was going to hang it up . . . then Tom's own company TB12 Sports suggested the same in a Tweet . . . which was later deleted.


The official word, from Tom's agent AND his own father, is that he hasn't decided yet.


Or maybe he HAS decided, but he can't say so . . . because it wouldn't be financially prudent to do so.


Supposedly, Brady's contract states that he receives $15 million from his $20 million signing bonus on February 4th. But if he retires before then, HE DOESN'T GET IT.


So mark your calendars for February 5th. That's this Saturday. Tom might have something to say. 

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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