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A Mom has been celebrating her Kid's Birthday.....on the WRONG DAY!

"Here is a little story for moms who have little ones out there. Here is a little confidence boost for you to make you feel better about yourself," began Emily Vondy on Tiktok, before confessing to celebrating her son's birthday on the wrong day - for two consecutive years.

Vondy told her fans that she found out she was celebrating her son's birthday on the wrong day after receiving a call from her paediatrician, who wanted to confirm the date of birth so that she could bill the insurance company for their recent visit.

The mom of three tried to confirm that her middle son's birthday was on 26 February 2018, but the insurance company said the birthdate registered on their system was 25 February 2018.

Before calling the insurance company, Vondy decided to scroll down on her Facebook page, looking for the birth announcement she made years ago, to confirm if she was correct.

To her surprise, she found that the insurance company was right, and she had been celebrating her son's birthday on the wrong day for two years.

"Now, I have to call my paediatrician back and say, 'Hahaha, I had my kid's birthday wrong,'" she says, after revealing the embarrassing reality.

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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