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What % of Kids Halloween candy will be eaten by their PARENTS this year?

If you're taking your kids trick-or-treating this year, just tell them to think of this as a finder's fee: A new poll found the average parent will steal FIVE pieces of candy from their kids on Halloween night alone.

If you want in on more of that candy action, you better be quick about it. 25% of kids will eat ALL of their candy by November 2nd . . . and 81% will eat it all within the first week. Here are a few more trick-or-treating stats . . .

1. 56% of parents say trick-or-treating is their kids' favorite part of Halloween. 52% also said that going with them is the #1 thing THEY'RE looking forward to.

2. The average parent is willing to drive 4.3 miles to take their kid to a "prime candy" neighborhood.

3. The top five spots where we expect the best candy are: A friend or family member's neighborhood . . . densely packed areas in cities . . . apartment buildings . . . retirement communities . . . and cul-de-sacs.

4. Parents who go trick-or-treating with their kids will let them hit an average of 25 houses before it's time to go home. But no matter how long they stay out, 42% said their kid never thinks they got enough candy. 

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Image

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