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Two people got arrested for assaulting each other with.......Spaghetti!!

They say never order spaghetti on a date. But not usually because your DATE might spill on you . . .

A couple in Clearwater, Florida was sitting down for a spaghetti dinner Thursday night. Or technically, Friday morning . . . it was a late dinner around 1:00 A.M.

45-year-old Stephanie Lannas and 35-year-old Adolfo Rivera had both been drinking. They started arguing . . . and it eventually turned into a FOOD FIGHT.

We don't know who instigated it, but they both ended up mashing a plate of spaghetti into each other's face.

Someone called the police, and they were still covered in spaghetti when the cops showed up.

Now both of them are facing charges for domestic battery.

Stephanie also got arrested in October for STABBING Adolfo in the arm during another drunken fight. 

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Photo: Getty Image

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