Pregnant Woman Rips Waitress Who Can’t Bring Garlic Bread W/O the Garlic!!

When a pregnant woman has a craving they’ll often do anything to satisfy it, but one mom-to-be is being blasted for how she treated a waitress who couldn’t accommodate her ridiculous request.

A waitress shares on Reddit’s “Am I The A-Hole” forum that a pregnant woman and her husband recently came in for a meal, and the woman asked for a pretty weird item – “garlic free garlic bread.'” The waitress tried to clarify that the woman really just wanted regular bread, since their garlic bread was just regular bread with garlic butter, but, according to the waitress, “she insisted no, she wanted our garlic bread, just without garlic.”

The waitress tried to continue to explain that it doesn’t work like that but then the husband got angry, so she went and explained the order to the kitchen staff who thought the waitress was being “snarky.” She then just brought out the regular bread. Of course, that didn’t go over well with the pregnant woman and her husband who complained the waitress was treating the woman “badly” and then told the manager she was being “condescending.”

After explaining the situation, the manager had the waitress bring the pregnant woman bread with their garlic butter on the side. That also didn’t go over well, with the husband saying the waitress “was being intentionally difficult and cruel.” In the end, the couple left, but not before the pregnant woman ate the bread with the side of garlic butter.

  • The waitress admits the whole thing was pretty “bizarre,” and asked Reddit if they think she was wrong, and it was pretty unanimous that she wasn’t.
    • “I don’t know what sort of hormone induced performance piece they were trying to get into but that was some absolute foolishness,” one person wrote. “You did nothing wrong by trying desperately to figure wtf they wanted. You’ve more patience than I.”
    • “NTA there is no such thing as garlic free garlic bread,” another person wrote. “If it’s garlic free it’s not garlic bread, just bread and butter.”

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