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Things Have Gotten So Boring That THIS Is Now the Highlight of Our Week?

There have definitely been points this year where we're looking for ANYTHING to break up the week and make one day feel different than another. And I really do mean "anything."

According to a new survey, 32% of people say that during the pandemic, doing laundry has been one of their highlights of the week. And here's the full top 10 list of the very ordinary things that have become weekly highlights . . .

1. Exercising, 47% say it's a highlight.

2. Taking a walk, 44%.

3. Grocery shopping, 44%.

4. Watching a favorite TV show, 42%.

5. Watching a movie, 35%.

6. Filling up the gas tank, 35%.

7. Reading, 32%.

8. Doing the laundry, 32%.

9. Making breakfast, 30%.

10. Baking, 28%

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