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Miller Lite is NOT the most popular beer at Mil..I mean AM Fam Field. It's

Major League Baseball fans like to talk about the good ol' days . . . but for beer drinkers, it's a renaissance. The selection of brews at stadiums across the country is a lot more robust than it was 10 years ago, let alone 20 or 30.

And since we'll actually be able to safely ATTEND games this summer,"USA Today"put out a list of the most popular beers at every ballpark. 

It's not based on actual sales. Instead they crunched the numbers from the beer social app Untappd, to see which brews were "checked in" the most at every park. The data is from 2019 . . . the last full season of games.

Here's the full list: 

1. Philadelphia Phillies. . . Cloud Walker Hazy Juicy IPA (Victory Brewing)

2. Milwaukee Brewers. . . Happy Place (Third Space Brewing)

3. Boston Red Sox. . . 617 (Lord Hobo Brewing Co.)

4. Washington Nationals. . . Diamonds Are Forever (3 Stars Brewing Co.)

5. Chicago White Sox. . . Every Day Hero (Revolution Brewing)

6. New York Mets. . . Henry Hops (Mikkeller Brewing NYC)

7. Seattle Mariners. . . Citrus Mistress IPA (Hop Valley Brewing Company)

8. Pittsburgh Pirates. . . I.C. Light (Pittsburgh Brewing Company)

9. Baltimore Orioles. . . Steady Eddie (Union Craft Brewing)

10. Cleveland Indians. . . Miller Lite (Miller Brewing Company) (As a Cleveland fan, I'll say that the craft scene is strong . . . but Ohio folk aren't above sharing their love for the classics, no matter how watered down.)

11. Minnesota Twins. . . Next Coast (Goose Island Brewing)

12. San Diego Padres. . . Swingin' Friar Ale (Ballast Point Brewing Company)

13. New York Yankees. . . NY Pinstripe Pils (Blue Point Brewing Company)

14. Cincinnati Reds. . . Big Hazy (Christian Moerlein Brewing)

15. Colorado Rockies. . . Citrus Mistress IPA (Hop Valley Brewing Company)

16. St. Louis Cardinals. . . Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) (Cards fans still get teary-eyed when they see that Bud ad about the farmer being reunited with his horse.)

17. Atlanta Braves. . . Luau Krunkles (Terrapin Beer Co.)

18. Texas Rangers. . . Hopadillo IPA (Karbach Brewing Co.)

19. Chicago Cubs. . . Old Style (Pabst Brewing Company)

20. Houston Astros. . . Crawford Bock (Karbach Brewing Co.)

21. San Francisco Giants. . . Citrus Mistress IPA (Hop Valley Brewing Company)

22. Oakland Athletics. . . Mind Haze (Firestone Walker Brewing Company)

23. Detroit Tigers. . . Two-Hearted Ale (Bell's Brewery)

24. Kansas City Royals. . . Space Camper Cosmic IPA (Boulevard Brewing Co.)

25. Los Angeles Dodgers. . . Dodgers Blonde Ale (Golden Road Brewing)

26. Arizona Diamondbacks. . . MoonJuice (SanTan Brewing Company)

27. Toronto Blue Jays. . . Budweiser (Anheuser-Busch) (Thanks to the pandemic, Canada won't let the team travel back and forth to the U.S., so they are stuck playing home games in Florida again.)

(Thankfully, Budweiser can be found anywhere.)

28. Los Angeles Angels. . . Hazy IPA (Saint Archer Brewing Company)

29. Tampa Bay Rays. . . Jai Alai (Cigar City Brewing)

30. Miami Marlins. . . Estrella Jalisco (Grupo Modelo)

It's worth pointing out: Craft beers will have a big leg-up across the board, since Untappd is an app that's targeted at people who like to explore NEW beers.

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