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"12 Days of Christmas" gifts cut...due to Covid-19

You hear it every year: "The Twelve Days of Christmas," the perennial holiday classic about someone giving 12 gifts to their paramour that they probably don't know what to do with.

Who needs 10 lords a-leaping?

If you're unfamiliar, the tune starts with the phrase: "On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me" and builds, adding more and more items - 364 all together.

As part of its annual tradition, PNC Bank has released its Christmas Price Index of how much the 12 Days of Christmas gifts would cost adjusted for today's economy.

The 2020 numbers also account for the COVID-19 pandemic, noting the countless live performances and gatherings that have been cancelled since earlier this year,

The 2020 cost of "The 12 Days of Christmas" gifts compared to last year:

▪One partridge in a pear tree $210.18 (unchanged)

▪Two turtle doves $450.00 (+50.0%)

▪Three French hens $210.00 (+15.7%)

▪Four calling birds $599.96 (unchanged)

▪Five Gold Rings $945.00 (+14.5%)

▪Six geese-a-laying $570.00 (35.7%)

▪Seven swans-a-swimming $13,125 (unchanged)

▪Eight maids-a-milking $58.00 (unchanged)

▪Nine ladies dancing (not available)

▪10lords-a-leaping(not available)

▪11 pipers piping (not available)

▪12 drummers drumming (not available)

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