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Wait, is that REALLY a college course?

Wait, you have college debt for that?!?

Here are 11 to get your game started, but do your own research and find really ridiculous ones at universities in your town.

1. The #Selfie - the history of portraiture and the modern idea of "everyday life." (REAL: DUKE University)

2. Tailgating Basics for Undergrads - the science behind southern social tradition(FAKE)

3. Amazing World of Bubbles - the ability of bubbles to gather, focus and radiate acoustic energy (REAL: CalTech)

4. The Politics of Kanye West: Black Genius and Sonic Aesthetics (REAL: Washington University in St. Louis) focuses on Kanye's influence on music, fashion, politics and videography, and examines the way these things direct our views on fame, gender, sexuality and race.

5. Wasting Time on the Internet: reframing the internet as the "greatest poem ever written" (REAL: The University of Pennsylvannia)

6. Decoding Baby Talk/Understanding Toddler Communications - (FAKE)

7. Street Fighting Mathematics: Rules don't matter in problem solving - (REAL: MIT)

8. Misconceptions/Understanding Mail Order Brides - Focus on the Phillipines (REAL: Johns Hopkins Univ)

9. Tall Order: Starbucks Place in Capitalism - (FAKE)

10. Tightwaddery, Or the Good Life on a Dollar a Day - the connection between happiness and money is a lie perpetuated by capitalists in order to seel their products (REAL: Alfred University)

11. Mastering Reality Show Auditions - covering open auditions, casting calls, and overall tips for being contestants. (FAKE)

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