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It's hard to imagine The Office without this person, but it almost happened

Creed Bratton almost got fired during Season 2 of"The Office." It was between him and another background character, but that guy bowed out because he'd just booked a play in New York.

Creed and another guy named Devon Abner were hired to play background characters at Dunder Mifflin. 

But in Season 2, the decision was made to have one of the characters get FIRED on that season's Halloween episode.

Abner had just booked a play in New York, so he VOLUNTEERED to be the one. So Creed stuck around, started getting lines, and eventually became one of the BEST characters on the show.

And Abner doesn't regret his decision . . . quote, "[I'm happy] for all of those guys, but especially Creed. I have always been happy for him, because he is such a great guy." 

( Watch Devon get fired here. )

Abner even got to return for the final episode of"The Office" to replace Creed . . . who faked his own death to escape the cops. 

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