Do Blow Dryers Actually Spread Coronavirus?

So you're thinking about losing the "lock down look" with a visit to the salon - but could that blowout spread germs?

Well, yes and no, according the infectious disease experts who talked to Prevention Magazine this week.

Here's the deal on blow dryers; sure they have the potential to spread air contaminated with COVID-19, but that's if there is someone actually infected inside the salon.  Infectious disease expert Dr. Michael A. Ben-Aderet said "Unless someone infected coughs into the hair dryer and spreads droplets, it's very unlikely" to get infected by way of blowout.

If you want to stay safe, call and ask the salon if they're screening potential clients for Coronavirus symptoms. 

Dr. Ben-Aderet said people with a fever, coughing or short on breath shouldn't be in salons. The salon should also be following social distancing guidelines. Employees should wear face masks, practice good hygiene and keep their hands off their own faces, too.

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