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U2's Bono Lists the 60 Songs That "Saved His Life"

BONO from U2 turned 60 this week, and he celebrated by sharing the 60 songs that SAVED HIS LIFE.

In a post on U2.com, he said, quote, "[These are] the ones I couldn't have lived without . . . the ones that got me from there to here, zero to 60 . . . through all the scrapes, all manner of nuisance, from the serious to the silly . . .

"And the joy, mostly joy. I wanted to thank the artists and everyone who helped make them." And he meant that part literally. He's writing "fan letters" to the artists behind EACH song, and posting them online. The first batch are up now.

Here are 30 highlights from the list:

1. The Sex Pistols,"Anarchy In the UK"

2. Kanye West,"Black Skinhead"

3. Billie Eilish,"Everything I Wanted"

4. David Bowie,"Life on Mars?"

5. The Beatles,"I Want to Hold your Hand"

6. Ramones,"Swallow My Pride"

7. Public Enemy,"Fight The Power"

8. The Rolling Stones,"Ruby Tuesday"

9. Elton John,"Daniel"

10. Elvis Presley,"Heartbreak Hotel"

11. The Fugees,"Killing Me Softly With His Song"

12. Prince,"When Doves Cry"

13. Madonna,"Ray of Light"

14. Jay-ZfeaturingAlicia Keys,"Empire State of Mind"

15. Talking Heads,"Love Goes to Building on Fire"

16. The Verve,"Bitter Sweet Symphony"

17. Joy Division,"Love Will Tear Us Apart"

18. R.E.M.,"Nightswimming"

19. Adele,"Chasing Pavements"

20. Arcade Fire,"Wake Up"

21. Oasis,"Live Forever"

22. Kendrick LamarfeaturingU2,"XXX". . . Yes, this one features U2.

23. Echo and the Bunnymen,"Rescue"

24. Nirvana,"Smells Like Teen Spirit"

25. Pearl Jam,"Jeremy"

26. Simon & Garfunkel,"The Sounds of Silence"

27. Coldplay,"Clocks"

28. INXS,"Never Tear Us Apart"

29. Lady Gaga,"Born This Way"

30. Frank Sinatra&Bono,"Under My Skin". . .

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