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A Wisconsin farmer put free gallons of milk out for anyone to take!

FROM WKOW TV ( which is in Madison ) Sassy Cow Creamery is continuing its regular operations, but primarily supplying just grocery stores at this time as restaurants remain closed.

Its biggest change is a positive one, using available resources to help the community.

"Our number one product is milk, and we consider that a staple and is usually in most people's homes so definitely the need is there," Sassy Cow Creamery Owner James Baerwolf said.

Now it's just finding a way to get their milk to those who need it most during this time, and it started with a simple idea. Sassy Cow installed a refrigerator outside its store offering free milk to the community.

"(It's) our way out here to meet that need and make it real convenient and easy for people," Baerwolf said.

Baerwolf's daughters Taylor and Faith Baerwolf helped come up with this idea.

"We put out the cooler beginning of April, and we stock it every hour basically," Faith said.

They girls came up with the name "kindness cooler".

"You know you want to think of something clever and catchy that people will remember," Faith added.

That's just the start, people will also remember what the local creamery did across the region.

"We work with Sun Prairie Pantry and DeForest and some partners and Second Harvest."

They also provided 25 gallons of milk to families in Lodi. Baerwolf says it's a no-brainer during this time.

"The pandemic is big enough, but then to think about people being hungry or being short of the essentials is just as bad," Baerwolf explained.

They plan to keep the "kindness cooler" open for at least a month or two.

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