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A bar owner removed almost $4,000 from the walls to give to her staff!

The Sand Bar, which is in Georgia, had to close its doors after officials put stay-at-home orders in place and mandated restaurants switch to takeout and delivery only.

To help pay some of the unemployed workers, they took down all of the money that was stapled to the walls and ceilings over the last 15 years.

Over the next three and a half days, five volunteers took on the tedious task to help gently take down the weathered money. Some bills had dozens of staples in them!

Some of the currency came from countries around the world!

After the bills were taken down, it took about a week and a half to clean them off and get them counted.

$3,714 were collected and the stacks of bills stretched in piles across the entire bar!

After hearing about the bar giving back, several customers also donated to the cause. In total, the bar owners were able to give out $4,104 to the staff.

Four bartenders and two musicians each were given $600!

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