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A Wisconsin Student Got Their Tongue Stuck to Metal Pole!

From WTAQ TV in Green Bay;

It might seem like it came right out of a movie, but it actually did happen in Green Bay on Friday. A student at a local elementary school got his tongue caught on a cold metal pole.

"We all grew up as kids and saw 'The Christmas Story'," said Police Commander Kevin Warych, referring to the 1983 movie where this exact thing happened. "Curiosity probably got the best of this child who subsequently got [their] tongue stuck to the post."

Paramedics and police responded in the 7 o'clock hour Friday morning. In subzero temperatures, metal can become cold enough to flash freeze the moisture on your tongue, sticking you to its surface and possibly causing injury.

Warych says you shouldn't try it at home.

"It's a good reminder to have conversations with your kids that yes, this could happen," Warych told WTAQ.

WTAQ won't name the school or the student due to privacy concerns.

Photo: Getty Image

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