Was this South Milwaukee fast food worker in the wrong?

This video has started to go viral of a customer recently walking into a local Burger King wanting a refund after his order was messed up. It's happened to me MANY times, BUT, as somone who worked at the McDonalds in both Mukwonago and Muskego I do have some sympathy for those behind the counter. And this was a world that didn't include social media!

Ever stop and think just how unimportant getting a wrong order really is in the big picture? Get over it. If you act really nice in a joking manner and say something like....Just not my day! My order is messed up again! Be understanding of am honest mistake even if it happened twice and no restaurant in the world will not eventually make it right. It's not important enough to make a scene, let alone call the police and record the entire encounter!

Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels enjoys ice cream, whiskey, knitting, and being indoors-y... Read more


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