Move over Justin Timberlake, it's Def Leppard's turn!

Today is May 2nd. But for the last few days, social media has been dominated by "It's Gonna Be May" pictures.

And *NSYNC will never let Justin Timberlake forget it.

Back in Timberlake's boy band days, a meme was born from*NSYNC's song "It's Going To Be Me,"from their "No Strings Attached" album. The pop sensation added some flair to the 2000 hit when he sang "me" as "mayyy."

Now every end of April, fans brush off their curly-haired JT memesto remind the world of "It's Gonna Be May Day," and the internet has never been the same since.

But since I'm a HUGE fan of Def Leppard, it's time for them to have their moment to shine!

Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels enjoys ice cream, whiskey, knitting, and being indoors-y... Read more


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