Who will knock off Jeopardy's Brainiac? Over $1 million in winnings!

"Jeopardy!" contestant James Holzhauer won again yesterday. . . bringing his 14-day total toover $1 million. His strategy involves going for the more expensive options first, and jumping between categories.

He's just the second person to surpass $1 million. Ken Jenningswon more than $2.5 million in 2004, but it took him 74 straight wins to get to that point.

James shared some of his strategy in an interview with NPR, and it includes him jumping around between categories to try to throw off his opponents . . . andbeing"selectively aggressive," like all good professional gamblers.

He said, quote, "You need to pick your spots and bet big when you identify them. That's basically my'Jeopardy!'strategy in a nutshell."

He also starts at the bottom of the board, so that he can set up a bankroll to maximize his betting by getting to the more expensive options first.

Obviously,it also helps that he knows all the answers!

Dave Michaels

Dave Michaels

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