3 Wisconsin Hospitals Named Among The 'Best Hospitals' In America

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Quality medical care is not something you want to take for granted for any health concerns you may have for either yourself or a loved one. While access can be quite limited at times, a few hospitals in Wisconsin were recently named among the best in the entire country.

Money compiled a list of the 115 best hospitals around America for 2024, considering several factors like star-quality ratings, physician experience, transparency of pricing and personal vetting. Three hospitals in Wisconsin ranked on the list, making them not only the best the state has to offer but as some of the best hospitals in the country. Here are the hospitals that made the cut:

  • No. 47: Aurora St. Lukes Medical Center (Milwaukee)
  • No. 78: University of Wisconsin Hospitals & Clinics Authority (Madison)
  • No. 93: SSM Health St. Mary's Hospital - Madison (Madison)

This is how Money determined its ranking of the best hospitals around America:

"There are over 6,000 such medical institutions across the United States, and patients often lack the time, energy and expertise to evaluate the best choice, even among the facilities close to where they live. To simplify the process, Money crunched more than 13,500 data points to create our ranking of the 115 top hospitals in the U.S. In addition, we've assembled shorter lists of facilities that stand out for their care in some common specialty areas, including pediatric care, cardiac care and cancer care. Our process for pruning the list of all hospitals in the country to shortlists of the standouts involves analyses of data from several different sources."

Check out the full list at Money.com to see which hospitals were named the best in the entire country.

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