Wisconsin Police Claim Culprit Was 'Throwing Cheese' At Other Cars

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A peculiar incident involving cheese has caught the attention of the Eau Claire Police Department in Wisconsin. On Monday (July 1) night, officers responded to a report of a driver allegedly chasing another vehicle and throwing cheese at it.

The incident, which the police department referred to as "the most Wisconsin complaint ever," occurred around 9:46 p.m., according to the incident post shared on the department's Facebook page.

"Not gouda," the post read. "It's un-brie-lievable that someone would do that. Throwing cheese is nacho best look Eau Claire."

The post has since gone viral and, as of Wednesday afternoon, has garnered over 500 comments and has been shared more than 2,700 times. The hilarious post also sparked a flurry of cheese-related puns and other jokes in the comments.

"He was throwing cheese? How dair-y!" one commenter quipped, another posed the question, "What kind of muenster would do such a thing??" while someone else commented, "No throwing 'sharp' objects! Thats a Swissdemeanor!"

Of course, others had a different approach to the incident and saw it as a golden opportunity for a snack, like one individual who wrote they were "currently driving down Clairemont with my window down and mouth open."

The police have not disclosed whether they have identified or apprehended the suspect involved in the "drive-by cheesing." No further details about the incident or potential charges have been released, per WeAreGreenBay.com.

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