Wisconsin Town Named The 'Most Underrated' In The State

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You don't have to go to a big city to find big thrills. Some of the most interesting and unique attractions are often hidden away outside of the warn path in smaller towns waiting to be explored.

Cheapsim search around the country for the towns that are often overlooked, the destinations that are just as worth exploring as the big cities that draw in more tourists. To determine the list, the site "took into account towns with a range of attractive offerings, including cultural attractions, outdoor activities, great dining and shopping options, low cost of living, and high quality of life, among other factors."

According to the site, the most underrated town in Wisconsin is Eau Claire, which is a beautiful snapshot of what the Badger State has to offer. Here's what the site had to say about the most overlooked town in Wisconsin:

"Eau Claire offers boundless natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor adventure, but that could be said for much of Wisconsin. Eau Claire, however, doesn't need to set itself apart — respected organizations and publications such as Forbes, AARP, and Kiplinger have done that for it. Eau Claire has earned impressive rankings and awards in categories such as work-life balance, best places to retire, best places for business and careers, job growth, and best places for students."

Check out the full list at Cheapism.com to see more of the most underrated towns around the country.

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