Wisconsin Spot Named 'Most Charming Small Town To Visit' In The State

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America is a vast and varied country and part of what makes it such a beautiful and eclectic place to live are all of the small towns and quaint hamlets that are filled with so much community and culture that no two destinations are the same. If you're looking to take a day trip or want to stay a few days to take in the full experience of a new place, an inviting town may be the perfect spot to immerse yourself in and see what small-town life has to offer.

Travel Alot compiled a list of the "most charming towns to visit" around the U.S., choosing a must-visit spot in each state worth taking stopping by. According to the site, "many of them are pretty artsy, but then we have some that honestly feel like a little part of Europe without ever having to leave America."

The most charming town to visit in all of Wisconsin is Mineral Point. This small southern town was also previously named the "coolest small town" in the state. Here's what the site had to say about Wisconsin's most charming town to visit:

"Mineral Point is one of the oldest cities in the state. Those who visit are shocked by how well-preserved the buildings are — it's almost like they have no concept of time. The antique shops are great, but the restaurants are another huge draw. They pay homage to the Cornish founders and offer plenty of strange (but delicious) pastries and figgyhobbin."

Check out the full list at travel.alot.com to see more of the most charming towns around the country to visit. You can also check out our previous coverage of the Wisconsin destination named the one of the "most beautiful small towns" in the U.S.

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