Wisconsin Spot Named The 'Most Underrated Natural Wonder' In The State

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Nature is truly amazing. Sometimes Mother Earth will form gorgeous gifts for mankind that are so beautiful that they draw in countless visitors to wonder at the magnificent beauty. However, there are just as many breathtaking wonders that don't get as much attention but are still just as, if not more, awe-inspiring.

24/7 Tempo compiled a list of the most underrated natural wonders around the country, detailing its picks for the top spot in each state, from scenic overlooks in wooded forests and gorgeous waterfalls flowing through into rivers to stunning flowers lining a bridge and underground caverns holding compelling mysteries.

According to the site, the most underrated natural wonder in all of Wisconsin is Big Manitou Falls, the biggest waterfall in the entire state, located within Pattinson State Park along the Black River, about 12 miles south of Lake Superior. If you're a fan of nature and especially waterfalls, it is definitely a sight to behold. Here's what 24/7 Tempo had to say:

"There are many natural wonders to witness in Wisconsin, but if you want a real thrill, visit the largest waterfall in the state. It's 165 feet tall, and you can often hear it before seeing it. Add this one to your waterfall bucket list."

Check out the full list at 247tempo.com to see more amazing natural wonders around the country. You can also see our previous coverage of the most stunning natural attraction in the state.

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