Wisconsin Restaurant Has The 'Best Chicken Wings' In The State

Photo: Cappi Thompson/Moment/Getty Images

Chicken wings are the ultimate party food. Whether you're hosting a party or enjoying a night out at your favorite sports bar or restaurant, it's hard to find a more popular snack choice. Cheapism compiled a list of the best chicken wings served in each state, with dishes ranging from tried-and-true classics like fried and barbecued to flavorful takes like Jamaican jerk and Thai chili.

According to the list, the best chicken wings in all of Wisconsin can be found at Chicken Licks near Madison. Cheapism suggests ordering the popular dry rub wings, made with nearly two dozen ingredients, for a flavor explosion. Chicken Licks is located at 5508 County Highway N. #3 in Sun Prairie.

Here's what the site had to say about the best chicken wings in the state:

"On a country road just outside of Madison, this little bar has been packing in the customers based largely on its dry rub wings. The dry rub contains 23 ingredients and has been so popular that customers have asked for it on their fries and tater tots. Chicken Licks — until 2019 called Chicken Lips — is an establishment where the sides still (thankfully) include cheese curds and whose publicity has come from word of mouth. It's a minor miracle, with major wait times."

Check out the full list at cheapism.com to see where else you can find some incredible chicken wings.

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