Joni Mitchell Makes Grammys Debut At 80 With Breathtaking Performance

Photo: Getty Images

Joni Mitchell performed for the very first time on the Grammys stage at the age of 80. On Sunday night (February 4th), the legendary singer-songwriter gave a breathtaking and rare performance of her song "Both Sides, Now" from her 1969 sophomore album Clouds.

Before Joni appeared onstage, she received a glowing introduction from her frequent collaborator Brandi Carlile. The fellow singer-songwriter praised Mitchell for being the blueprint of confessional songwriting calling her the most "influential" and "emotionally generous" songwriter in "human history."

"She's learned to walk three times," Carlile shared, referring to Mitchell's past health issues including her 2015 brain aneurysm which left her temporarily unable to walk and talk. "Joni just turned 80, my friends, but we all know she's timeless," Carlile exclaimed before welcoming "the Matriarch of Imagination" onto the Grammys stage for the very first time.

Mitchell, sitting on a throne and holding onto her cane, was accompanied by Carlile, Jacob Collier, Lucius, Black Mills, Allison Russell, and SistaStrings as she made her way through the devastatingly poignant song.

Not only did she receive a standing ovation from the crowd which included the likes of Meryl Streep, Oprah, and Beyoncé, but the night's host Trevor Noah also came out to hand Mitchell her 10th Grammy Award. Before the live broadcast, Mitchell took home the 2024 Grammy Award for Best Folk Album for Joni Mitchell at Newport (Live). The singer's recorded performance at the 2022 Newport Folk Festival was her first public performance in almost a decade. If you haven't watched her sing "Summertime" at the festival, it's truly a must-see.

In October, Joni will perform her first solo headlining concert in 24 years at Los Angeles' Hollywood Bowl.

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