Wisconsin Highway Named The 'Most Dangerous Road' In The State

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Driving doesn't always have to be a stressful event of navigating traffic to get to work on time. For many people, it can often be a leisurely activity where they traverse scenic routes and backroads, giving them a chance to take in their surroundings while listening to their favorite music or podcast or even just chatting with friends. However, the sometimes easy drive can give way to terrifying roads, with narrow lanes winding along tight curves with little to no shoulder offering protection from a steep drop-off.

Alot.com compiled a list of the "most dangerous road" in each state, determining its list based on the average number of fatalities that occur every year. While many of the roads on the list are highly-trafficked areas like interstates and highways, some are more rural routes that also prove to be fairly treacherous.

According to the site, the most dangerous road in Wisconsin is Interstate 94. So what makes this road so dangerous? The site states that I-94, which connects the Great Plains and the Great Lakes, "has about 13 fatalities per year along the road. There were 115 crashes and 132 fatalities in a 10-year span of time." Another report also indicated that the route is the most dangerous highway in the Badger State.

To see more of the most dangerous roads in America, check out the full list at travel.alot.com.

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