WATCH: Bruce Springsteen Falls 'Face-First' On Stage During Concert

Photo: Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen took a tumble during his concert in Amsterdam on Saturday, and fans caught the whole incident on video. The "Glory Days" standout was performing "Ghost," when all of a sudden, he tripped walking up the stairs. Footage shows Springsteen missing a step as he returns from the crowd, falling face-first into the stage. He quickly turns over to his back and lays there for a few moments as if to catch his breath and fully comprehend what had just occurred.

The 73-year-old icon looks to be smiling as he hands over his guitar to a member of the E Street band before being safely lifted off of the ground. Once Springsteen is standing, he jokingly says, "Goodnight everybody" to the crowd before grabbing his guitar and taking control of the stage once again as if he hadn't just fallen up the stairs. In the video, fans can be heard going through a roller coaster of emotions from gasping when the fall occurred, to cheering even louder than before when a speedy recovery was made.

The "Dancing In The Dark" artist is currently on the European leg of his tour and will take the stage in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, on June 11th.

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