New Ice Cream Shop For Dogs Opens In Milwaukee

Photo: Getty Images

A new ice cream shop for dogs recently opened in Milwaukee, ensuring that your favorite furry friend can get their very own special treat on your next ice cream run.

Owner Linda Smith saw an opening for an ice cream shop that serves dogs and decided to make it a reality in Milwaukee with her new shop Salty Paws. Located in the city's Historic Third Ward, the business is the first ice cream shop and bakery for man's best friend in Wisconsin, per WISN. As of now, however, it isn't serving treats for humans but they can bring their own to enjoy alongside their pups.

"It's somewhere that I would want to hang out and I just decided I would be the one to bring it here," said Smith.

Salty Paws isn't the only pet-friendly business set for the area. According to the outlet, Foxtown Brewery plans to a taproom and restaurant that will allow pets next to a potential dog park on the west bank of the Milwaukee River.

"We really want this to become the dog district where this is where you go to hang out with your dog and where you can have fun," said Smith.

Salty Paws is located at 121 North Jefferson Street. Learn more at the shop's website.

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