Wisconsin Cat Brings Home Alligator Head

Angry cat showing teeth

Photo: Getty Images

A 2-year-old black cat in Wisconsin recently made quite the catch.

That cat, named Burnt Toast, brought home something so unexpected their owner Wendy Wiesehuegel was in shock: an alligator head. Apparently, Burnt Toast has a habit of bringing home something every day, but nothing like this. Wiesehuegel couldn't believe it, as alligators are not native to Wisconsin, and her neighbors also questioned it at first. They thought it might have been some sort of fish.

To confirm her suspicions, Wiesehuegel contacted the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) to report the incident, according to Field and Stream. Game Warden Tim Aspenson confirmed that the head did belong to a 3-foot alligator that probably was an escaped pet or was dumped into the lake.

It's unclear how exactly Burnt Toast manage to get possession of the alligator skull. However, Wiesehuegel mentioned that neighbors had recently seen a resident bald eagle feeding on "something rather large." The WDNR has been asking for any information from the public about the alligator in the lake. The presence of non-native species can pose a threat to the environment, as well as other animals. In this instance, it seems the cat might have posed more of a threat.

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