Wisconsin Deer Hunter Spends Hour In Icy Water After Kayak Capsizes

Forest covered in morning mist

Photo: Getty Images

A Wisconsin deer hunter recently spent an hour in icy waters before being rescued by firefighters, according to FOX News.

The 27-year-old man was kayaking on the Fond du Lac River north of the Mascoutin Valley State Park Trail on Saturday (November 19) when the incident occurred, according to the outlet. He was going over a patch of ice in his kayak in an attempt to paddle upstream when it broke away and caused him to capsize. He then began walking through knee- to waist-high icy waters in order to make it to the trail bridge, which was about 100 yards away from him. Once he realized how difficult that feat would be, he called 911.

The Waupaca man remained in contact with the dispatch until Fond du Lac County sheriff's deputies arrived, according to FOX News. The deputies attempted to use their inflatable motorized boat to save him, but the ice and shallow water made it impossible. Luckily, Lamartine firefighters arrived on the scene and were eventually able to use an inflatable rescue sled to pull him out of the water.

The man was being treated at a hospital for hypothermia, according to FOX News. However, his current condition is unclear at the time of this writing.

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