Bruce Springsteen Joins The Killers On Stage For Three-Song Encore

The Killers welcomed surprise guest Bruce Springsteen on stage for a three-song encore at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, and the crowd went wild. According to Rolling Stone, the iconic performers sang Springsteen's "Badlands," "Born to Run," and their 2021 collaboration of "Dustlands."

“The idea to record it remotely was initially about giving people something during quarantine,” Brandon Flowers shared with Rolling Stone in regards to creating the collaboration single. "'Dustlands' lineage leads straight to Bruce. When we finished it back in 2008, I sent him a copy and a note expressing my gratitude for his contribution to my life.”

In another interview with Rolling Stone, Flowers discussed the impact that Springsteen has had on his career as a musician.

“I attribute my discovery and absorption of his music with helping me become a more authentic writer. He helped me to see the extraordinary in everyday people and their lives. And in this case, it was my parents who were under the microscope. Their faith and doubts, their search for salvation in the desert. It sounds Biblical. It also sounds Springsteenian,” the artist shared.

The last time Bruce Springsteen and The Killers performed on stage together was in 2009. Rolling Stone mentioned that Springsteen will be embarking on a North American tour next year.

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