Alligator On The Loose In Wisconsin Park

Alligator with Open Mouth

Photo: Getty Images

A Black Caiman alligator was spotted swimming in a pond at Reigle Family Park in Kewascum on Sunday, and it has yet to be captured. The Kewascum Police Department took to Facebook to warn residents of the alligator sighting, and to give tips on what to do if you come into close contact with the alligator. Police believe that the reptile is domestic, and that the owner is the one who set it free.

"On Sunday, September 18th, 2022, our department received a report of an alligator in the pond at Reigle Family Park. We received assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, but were unsuccessful in locating the alligator. The DNR states that if there is an alligator it may be a Black Caiman Alligator that was raised domestically, but then was set free by its owner. If anyone sees this reptile, try to get a photo so we can positively identify the animal and contact our department or the DNR. There is an animal rescue that the DNR will use to relocate the alligator to if found," the post read.

Kewascum Police Department Chief Tom Bishop assured that the alligator will be safely relocated to its natural habitat when its location is discovered.

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