Wisconsin Town Wins Title of 'Best-Tasting Tap Water'

Safe Drinking Tap Water

Photo: Getty Images

If you have ever wondered where you can find the best-tasting tap water in all of Wisconsin, wonder no more. One municipality was recently awarded the title of best-tasting tap water in Wisconsin during the state's largest annual water conference, according to We Are Greenbay.

The decision was made based on the categories of color, odor and taste. Ten municipalities entered the competition and five professionals who deal with water quality on a regular basis decided who's water is the best of the best.

So, who has the best-tasting tap water in the entire state? Menasha Water Utility. The company supplies water to both Menasha and the east side of Fox Crossing. It pulls an average of 2 million gallons of water from Lake Winnebago a day.

Here's what Menasha Water Utility Manager Adam Smith had to say about winning the title of best-tasting water in all of Wisconsin:

“We are so proud of our utility for winning this award for best tasting water! It was a surprise because to my knowledge, we have never won this award before,” Smith said. “It takes more than a dozen of us working around the clock to produce this award-winning product, and as we always say, that’s the power of community!”

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