Wisconsin City Ranks Among Best Places For A Weekend Getaway In Midwest

Downtown Madison Wisconsin with Capitol Dome in the Skyline

Photo: Getty Images

If you are in the process of planning your next weekend getaway, look no further than these unexpectedly exciting Midwestern destinations. These locations might not be the first places that you think of when vacation comes to mind, but they are perfect for short trips with loved ones. This specific Wisconsin city offers the perfect balance of exploration and relaxation. With so many exciting adventures to partake in, you might be questioning why you didn't venture to this city sooner.

According to a list compiled by Thrillist, the greatest city for a weekend getaway in Wisconsin is Madison.

Here is what Thrillist had to say about the best place for a weekend getaway in the entire state:

"This down-to-earth state capital has everything from lakefront views and countless nature trails to beloved cult beers and a farm-to-table food scene. Stay as close to the Capitol building as possible—all the action is right here in the heart of the city, with walkable streets radiating outward from the square. Grab tickets for a comedy show at Comedy on State, which draws acts from across the nation. You can take a bike ride around the lake, or if you want to get really outdoorsy, camp at New Glarus State Park, which, like all Wisconsin state parks, allows alcohol on-site—a major plus. It’s also a convenient walk from New Glarus Brewing Company, where one of the country’s largest craft breweries produces perfectly balanced beers like Spotted Cow and Two Women, all sold exclusively in Wisconsin."

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