This Restaurant Serves The Best Cinnamon Rolls In Wisconsin

Cinnamon rolls

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Sometimes, you simply cannot go wrong with a good cinnamon roll... or five. Wether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this sweet treat is a good idea during any hour of the day. Cinnamon rolls are popular for the fact that they are a universal classic. Cinnamon rolls often vary in size, fluffiness, and amount of icing that they are topped with. Some restaurants will make the cinnamon rolls really fluffy and large while others will serve the dish with smaller cinnamon rolls of larger quantity. Regardless of your preference, there is one restaurant in Wisconsin that serves this popular dish better than the rest.

According to a list compiled by Eat This Not That, the best cinnamon rolls served in Wisconsin can be found at Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery in Madison.

Here is what Eat This Not That had to say about the best cinnamon rolls served in Wisconsin:

"Cinnamon roll lovers will want to become regulars at Rosie's Coffee Bar and Bakery because the bakers are always dreaming up new flavors. (Think: Orange cranberry, pecan pie, rum raisin, and, in true Wisconsin fashion, a Brandy Old Fashioned cinnamon roll made it onto the menu). "These buns were ENORMOUS, fresh, and completely scrumptious…the flavors were evenly balanced and the pastry itself was not overly sweet; truly a great treat that I would highly recommend," one Yelp reviewer raved."

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