Adorable TikTok Spurs Search Of Lost Stuffed Animal At Milwaukee Airport

Stuffed animal and baby toys on a white isolated background.

Photo: Getty Images

The General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee has a very unique lost and found system that they like to call their "lost crew". The lost and found items in question are a handful of stuffed animals that travelers have left at the airport over the years; and they are quite the rag tag crew!

Each animal is taped with the date that they were found at the airport, and is put on display in the lost and found area where all the other missing stuffed animals reside. A TikTok video posed by the airport details the newest stuffed animal crew member, as well as the rest that have not been claimed.

The most recent lost stuffed animal is a puppy that is sticking out its tongue. The airport mentioned in the caption that it has been awhile since a misplaced toy was found at the airport.

"It’s been a few months since someone new joined the lost crew. Is this your puppy? You know the drill," they shared with followers.

The TikTok was created to reach the owner so that they know that the stuffed animal is safe in the hands of airport staff and is available to be picked up at anytime.

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