This Is The Most Interesting Job In Wisconsin

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What someone finds interesting, another may find completely boring. Though "interesting" is almost always a matter of opinion, there is still data to be drawn that encompasses the most uniquely popular jobs in each state. Sourcing data from the Bureau Of Labor Statistics, Financial Buzz narrowed down jobs that were a bit out of the ordinary that still seemed to be more popular in a specific state versus the national average.

According to a list compiled by Finance Buzz, the most interesting job in Wisconsin is paper goods machine setting, operating, and tending. Simply put, those who hold this position are in charge of operating machines dealing with paper goods. Wisconsin produces five million tons of paper each year and is the leading supplier.

Here is what Finance Buzz had to say about the most interesting job in all of Wisconsin:

"In Wisconsin, paper good machine setters, operators, and tenders are among the top occupations in the state compared to the national average. These occupations also top the list according to location quotient when compared with other U.S. states. Employees in this field set up, operate, and tend paper goods machines that perform a variety of functions. These include sawing, corrugating, banding, wrapping and sealing paper or paperboard sheets into products."

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