Wisconsin Couple Kill Bear After Attack Inside Home

Black bear in driveway

Photo: Getty Images

A black bear crashed through a window into a home in Taylor County on Friday night while a couple was inside. The couple first noticed the bear eating from a bird feeder outside, and tried to get it to leave by yelling at it from the safety of their home.

According to WeAreGreenBay, the attack occurred around 11:00 p.m. The couple told officials that the bear broke through a window and started to wreck havoc inside of the house. They continued to yell at the bear as it started to attack them. They grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the bear as a distraction, but not without receiving minor injures. The husband was able to get a hold of a firearm and kill the bear.

During the entire incident, the couple's children remained asleep in their bedrooms and were unharmed. According to CBSNEWS, both husband and wife were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries including bear bites. The Taylor County Sheriffs Office mentioned that the black bear population continues to increase across Wisconsin. The bear that invaded the house was seen with a cub before breaking in. The deceased bear is undergoing testing at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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